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The Despotic Monster

Tyrant is the result of when the restless spirits of Red King, Alien Icarus, Bemstar, Seagorath, Barabas, Hanzagrian, and King Crab merged themselves together to create a chimera to try destroy the Ultramen. It flew from the far reaches of the solar system, fighting the Ultra Brothers one by one on it's way to Earth. This however, proved to be it's downfall, as when it reached earth, it's strength was spent, and Ultraman Taro was easily capable of killing it.

Since then, Tyrant as appeared in many other spin-offs of the franchise, including the recent Ultraman Geed.

Due to being a chimera of seven kaiju, Tyrant is capable of using all of their strengths and powers, making him a formidable monster.

Comes in four sizes and has gmod compatiblity.

That's all for now.

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