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So the XPS said when I decided to port it.

Original Ported Model & Higher Res Textures(So the page says) by Deexie

**ILLUSION **stage I believe.

Ported to SFM by me.

Okay, so initially for some reason the shadows didn't work when I would I left the file alone. Suddenly after about a week or two when I decide to try to figure out why it might not be casting shadows it...starts casting shadows like it never had a problem in the first place. I'm happy because I was starting to think there was another way of going about porting SCENES from XNALara.

There's a whole lot going on here but at the same time some laziness on my part.

Nearly the ENTIRE scene is bodygrouped individually so it can be left as an empty space HOWEVER all the bodygrouped things CANNOT be moved as most of the items didn't have bones and while some do like the sofa cushions the actual Sofa itself didn't...I don't think. The little shot glasses and liquor bottle don't have bones either.

Comes with it's own Skydome, which is bodygrouped so it can be turned off but spawns on by default.

Comes with modelsrc+QC and blend file.

There might be redundant VMT's, this was my first successful Scene Port.

Known(Possible) Issues

*Scale *- The scale is actually a bit smaller than most models, though for some reason whenever I scale it up it feels oddly inconsistent with most models but it's definitely smaller might be because ILLUSION models are wider? No idea. Scaling the root from 0.12 to 0.14(Anywhere in between(whoops, it says 1.2 and 1.4 at first)) should be enough if it's too small.

*Lighting *- Again, shadows DO WORK however at some point in the Work Camera it MIGHT not show shadows(it didn't for me) but in your SCENE CAMERA it should show shadows just fine. Eventually shadows showed through my work camera as-well so I dunno if it's SFM being a butthole or some QC or VMT or whatever other simple thing I can't think of.


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