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Ninja Slayer
Ninja Slayer


Domo, Ninja Slayer Desu

You may recite your death haiku.

Once an ordinary, middle-class family man, Kenji Fujikido had the misfortune of finding new employment inside the godforsaken city of Neo-Saitama, where its ruling elite crime lord, Laomoto Khan, was in the process of eliminating the very company that Kenji now worked at, together with its entire labor force. Slain alongside his wife and child soon after they'd settled in... he returns from the grave after bonding with ninja soul, Naraku Ninja. Combining their hatred and lust for revenge, the duo become collectively known as Ninja Slayer, "The Machine of Vengeance" and bane of all evil doers.

enter image description here

(No his scarf doesn't extend to that length, far as I tried)

Anyways, original credit for the model comes from an MMD user who's name escapes me, I'll need to double check on that.

For now, enjoy.


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