Jurassic World Evolution: The Teeth pack

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well due to the workshop one being removed (i hope that does not happen here) and that people have suggested i post it here on SFM Lab.... i posted it yay he says nervously

i'll probably add other models i've ported in the future... so look forward to that i guess

also Frontier and Universal pls don't hurt/sue me... who am i kidding they're going to

notes: the textures are low res... im unsure if thats how it is in-game and they have texture overlays on the models or what... but hey, better than nothing right? also dilos frill may be a bit... wonkey. also i added jiggle bones to the leg muscles, to add that organic effect when these creatures move

includes the following:

T-Rex (3 alternate skins) Spinosaurus Giganotosaurus (1 altenate skin) Velociraptor (1 alternate skin) Deinonochyus Dilophosaurus Allosaurus (1 alternate skin) Baryonyx (1 alternate skin) Metriacanthosaurus (1 alternate skin) Suchomimus Carnotaurus Ceratosaurus Indominus Rex Indoraptor

as for herbivores.... i'll add them when i feel comfortable to do so...

beyond that, have fun


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