Skydome [32 skins]

Skydome [32 skins]
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Skydome [32 skins]
Skydome [32 skins]
Skydome [32 skins]
Skydome [32 skins]


In a nutshell, while Narry's skydome is great, I found myself constantly disappointed with its selection of skies.

So I made my own skydome, with 32 skins. It's roughly the same size as Narry's skydome, and has the added bonus of actually spawning the right side up.

All of the skies are 4k textures, and are just lazily taken from Google Images. I take no credit for the images used.

Here's a GIF showing them all off.

enter image description here

There's a handful of sunny days (with various levels of clouds), cloudy / overcast days, clear nights, cloudy nights, starry nights, a few dusk / dawn skins, and even a few space / starfield skins.

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