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Sci-Fi Props Modelpack

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 Large preview image for Sci-Fi Props Modelpack


81 Sci-Fi Themed Props!   Included in this release is the bulk of two years’ work on a specific visual theme. When combined with my other similar releases, this is little short of the cores assets needed to make a total conversion source mod. (Truth be told, I'm all in for UE4 so any time these'd get used outside of gmod/SFM is in another engine thus rendering all these source compiled models moot.) It started as a small map-targeted model based extension of PhillipK's sci-fi themed textures that just kind of grew and grew.   Everything that has mass has a complex physics mesh, and there are variants of the models specifically designed for source mapping. Others are props and ragdolls perfect for cinematic scenes. A few have animations embedded. Everything is both gmod and SFM friendly and rigged for motion or is compiled with the needed lines for a map static prop. Quality and visual fidelity of these models does vary, some of the models included are my first models compiled for source. Others take advantage of AAA asset creation pipelines. Textures range from 256x256 to 2048x2048 depending on the size/intended purpose, and level of skill I had when I made it.    I'd say a majority of this stuff has bodygroups and skingroups, so be sure to experiment.   Usage: You are free to use any of this stuff in a map, movie, pose, whatever. Just please give credit where credit is due.
Props List:

lt_c/desk_officer.mdl lt_c/flagpole.mdl lt_c/holo_armband.mdl lt_c/holo_keypad.mdl lt_c/holo_keypad_large.mdl lt_c/holo_laptop.mdl lt_c/holo_rails.mdl lt_c/holo_rails_angled.mdl lt_c/holo_rails_cheap.mdl lt_c/holo_rails_angled_cheap.mdl lt_c/holo_wall_unit.mdl lt_c/holograms/bay_status.mdl lt_c/holograms/console_hr.mdl lt_c/holograms/elect_paths.mdl lt_c/holograms/engine_out.mdl lt_c/holograms/fwd_sensors.mdl lt_c/holograms/keyboard.mdl lt_c/holograms/life_support.mdl lt_c/holograms/line.mdl lt_c/holograms/music_player.mdl lt_c/holograms/overlays_warnings.mdl lt_c/holograms/projector.mdl lt_c/holograms/rt_cam.mdl lt_c/holograms/shields.mdl lt_c/holograms/swipe_unlock.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/alarm.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/alarm_gib1.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/alarm_gib2.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/alarm_gib3.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/alarm_static.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/am_container.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/bed_bunk.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/box_crate.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/coffee_mug.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/counter.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/counter_sinks.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/desk_reception.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/detector.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/dm_container.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/dm_container_small.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/door_airlock_96x192x16.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/door_airlock_96x192x16_frame.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/door_airlock_96x192x16_static.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/flourcent_lamp.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/generator_portable.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/girder_128.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/girder_angled_128.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/ground_locker_small.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/hatch_frame.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/headset.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/headset_2.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/holo_tablet.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/lamp.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/lantern.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/light_spotlight.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/light_spotlight_bracket.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/light_spotlight_rigged.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_full_128.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_full_128_alt.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_full_256.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_full_256_alt.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_top_26.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_top_128.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_top_128_light.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/panels_tube_128.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/pipe_128.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/pipe_256.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/pipe_large_256.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/pipe_large_512.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/pipe_large_512_90.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/pipe_large_512_90t.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/pipe_large_512_180.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/rails_48.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/rails_48_cheap.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/rails_144.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/rails_432.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/scifi_light_double.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/stairs_144.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/support_beam_48.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/cafeteria/tray.mdl lt_c/sci_fi/computers/crystal_hdd.mdl squiddy/hologram_01.mdl


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30 2016-01-31 56.73 MB
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9 2020-03-01 345.36 KB
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Perfect for a Star Trek/Star Wars/Stargate SFM remake
Reply • Aug. 3, 2014, 8:04 a.m. -  Elia1995
Fantastic! c: <3
Reply • July 16, 2014, 1:16 p.m. -  Valnoressa 
Very nice, i love you, Lt_C!
Reply • July 16, 2014, 10:22 a.m. -  Lalka

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