World of Warcraft - Scarlet Monastery

World of Warcraft - Scarlet Monastery
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World of Warcraft - Scarlet Monastery
World of Warcraft - Scarlet Monastery


A model from the "From the Archives" series.

What does "From the Archives" mean? These models are ported from various games and appear on a private project repository that used to be public. These models are often not polished, are missing features and are usually not finished.

There's a lot of unpolished stuff that I'm aware of but I can't really fix those. This thing is EXTREMELY MASSIVE so you will have to either scale it down or use a very large void map.

Please don't complain about the low texture resolution, It's not possible to fix that due of Source Engine limitation. A lot of experimentation has went into this due of the Engine's limitation and the tools being either very old or incompatible, so this is how far I got so far.


Shoutout to EdwardNigma on Funnyjunk for judging my previous upload

If anybody figures out how to get textures with resolution higher than 4k x 4k into a VTF format without this:enter image description herePlease send me a private message so that I can improve this model

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