Oola Thickified

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Oola Thickified
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Oola Thickified
Oola Thickified


So, my latest frankenstein project, I borrowed/edited TyrantLobster's starwars oola along with Taco's eye.. specular which I also frankensteined with some eye textures I have leftover from TK17. Now for the lengthly explanation of the things I added on while testing what SFM could do. The breasts and head tentacles are gravity sensitive jiggle bones. Jiggleboned the butt also. Also, changed her eyes to electric/deep blue with a higher res texture.

Also, I made her a bit tall... actually way too tall, you are probably gonna want to increase the size of a dude in the pose.

The head tentacles have a root bone on top that you need to alter anytime you rotate the neck or head, the tentacles are angle limited, as to not poke through her back all the time, there wasn't a way around that.

The breasts, i tried something new on them and did 5 seperate jigglebones with different masses, i think they look ok, could be better.

added eye close flexes on left/right. Also added leg flexes for straight out 90' and side 90' with toes facing up.

Most importantly, I added breathing flexes, her starting pose is "Exhaled" to get her to "normal" thats BreatheUpper and BreatheLower at 1/2 bar, you can also do a full "inhale" with the same bars at full.

Also, vag flex, still has vag bones.

She now has 5 breast flexes for size, BreastBig:All,X,Z,Y2,Z2 They work alright together, I wouldn't go past 1/2 strength if you want to mix and match

Mouth Open and Smile flexes

Added clothes back in as seperate model/skin, the breast flexes are out if she has clothes on...So if someone wants to work on this... Uses same rig as original, included

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  OolaThickified.rar  2022016-03-27 05:42:5935.6 MB
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  OolaThickifiedEditedbyE1.01.rar  1902016-03-28 05:52:3735.84 MB
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  OolaEditedbyE1.03.rar  1912016-03-30 23:30:4740.89 MB
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  OolaEditedByE1.02.rar  2082016-03-29 02:24:2537.78 MB
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  OolaEditedByE1.05.rar  1992016-04-02 04:34:0535.93 MB
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  OolaEditedbyE1.06.rar  2472016-04-02 20:48:3335.83 MB
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