Overwatch - Ilios Spawn PROP PACK

Overwatch - Ilios Spawn PROP PACK
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Overwatch - Ilios Spawn PROP PACK
Overwatch - Ilios Spawn PROP PACK
Overwatch - Ilios Spawn PROP PACK


Hello everyone, I'm back with my higest fidelity prop pack to date!


This pack includes the Entire Ilios spawn room and 36 individual props!

IMPORTANT: make sure to load both "ilios_spawnroom" and "ilios_spawnroom_props" lock them together and apply the "zero" slider in order to have all the props visible

I tried my best to make everything as bodygrouped as possible so you can toggle on and off a variety of props at your leisure.

As always, these prop packs take tens of hours to produce in my spare time. Please consder donating Here if you would like to support more high quality packs in the future!

Lastly, if there is enough demand for it. I'll consider a part 2 with the remaining half of the map in the future. Let me know if this is somthing you're interested in in the comments.

Includes: Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\ilios_well_spawn.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\ilios_well_spawn_props.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\bench.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\bench2.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\box.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\bush.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\bush2.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\bush3.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\camera.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\chair.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\coffee_cup.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\coffee_machine.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\counter.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\flower.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\flowers.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\flowers2.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\flowers3.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\flowers4.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\flowers5.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\lantern.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\lightpole.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\lounger.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\marble_stand.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\mat.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\menu.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\mug.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\palm_tree.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\planterbox.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\planterbox2.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\register.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\shelf.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\sign.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\spawndoor_big.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\spawndoor_small.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\stool.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\tablet.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\umbrella_closed.mdl Overwatch\maps\ilios\well\props\umbrella_open.mdl

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