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Just drag the .bsp into your maps folder of usermod to install it.

Rather than update the old version, I decided to give this map a new page with the correct name.

This simple map features 3 different sized cycloramas. The material applied to each of the cycloramas will give the illusion of infinity, regardless of lighting. Any lighting you do apply will only effect the models you place on the map.

This map should only need content from Half Life 2 but if people are missing textures I can try and make an update with all the necessary files.

If you would like me to add or change anything about the map then please, leave a comment. The original idea was to have the map populated with cameras and lighting stands for a true studio feel but those can be added separately in SFM.

If you would prefer to have a material that is affected by lighting, you can easily change the material on the cycloramas to something of your choice in the Hammer editor.

This is marked incomplete because I may change certain parts of the map.

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Importing SFM Maps into Blender
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