Noodledicks [1/?] - Twink Stick

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Noodledicks [1/?] - Twink Stick



This is the first of a set of original penis models I've been working on. Compared to the others, this one is a bit smaller and smoother. It's fully rigged, with six bones along the shaft as well as a bone for each of the balls. It's just over 1k quads and has a fairly detailed normal map, baked from a high-poly (~300k quad) mesh. Textures are 4K, though everything except the normal map is still a work in progress. There are currently four skins: two colored, and two with simple gradients for recoloring in SFM.

I originally created these cocks as sculpting practice in Blender, but they were pretty straightforward to port for SFM users. The names and basic shapes are based on a few examples from this wall of dicks. More varieties are on the way soon(tm).

This is my first original model release, so let me know if you find issues or have suggestions. Also let me know if you happen to create any textures to match specific characters, or use it as part of another model!


  • Texture improvements. I may improve the toonish materials a bit, but I'm hoping others will create some alternate textures to suit their needs.

Source Files

  • .dmx and .qc
  • .blend (with high-poly multires sculpt, packed textures, and Cycles materials)

Alternate Textures

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