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Liza Snow is a main character in FarCry 3 (or as much a main character as anyone can be considered in the game) and is the girlfriend of protagonist Jason Brody. When she's not being a prissy, pampered bitch, she's probably off fucking Jason's best friend or having crazy orgies with the pirates on the island.

This model was commissioned by Ape, who requested it with the hope that those who want Liza Snow but are unwilling or unable to get the version of her made by Red Menace have an alternative. This model is no one way supposed to compete with Red's - it is simply an alternative, using a different model and a different configuration.

Features full eye-, face-, finger-, and toe-posing. Breasts and ass are fully jiggleboned. Hair is NOT jiggleboned. Has full phoneme support, but the phonemes are untuned and will need some correction in SFM. Comes with IK rig included. Built on the same body as Marie Rose and Elizabeth, so expect the same sort of twists and problems with the hips and shoulders. Does NOT have a pussy mesh - our pussy/anus mesh is getting close to done, but I'm not comfortable putting it on commissions yet.

There is some minor clipping of clothes, such as her ass poking through the full jeans when the jigglebones are at high intensity.

If anyone spots any massive clipping errors that causes them issue, please don't hesitate to point them out, and I will try to get to them within a day or two. Minor issues will probably take me a bit longer to get around to.

She currently has some baked shadows on her shirt and pants, where the scarf and shoes normally sit. I am going to look into unbaking them myself, or asking someone else to unbake them. They're not a massive issue, though, so I decided to release with the shadows currently applied.

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  LizaSnow.7z   554 2016-01-31 20:32:29 16.27 MB
  LizaSnow_v1-01.7z   844 2016-01-31 20:32:29 16.27 MB
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