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Well, after putting together the release images for her over a bloody month ago, I have finally gotten around to releasing everyone's favorite xenophobe: Ashley Williams! It only took me promising to do it on stream and then actually bloody doing it on stream to get me to actually muster the energy to release her...

BUT! She is here, and that is all that matters! She comes with all the standard DazV2 goodies: full face-, eye-, finger-, and toe-posing; and the (now)-early-prototype genital meshes.

She also comes with the skingroup variants I try to make standard, which is to say, the various-degrees-of-runny-makeup and the bodywriting.

ADDITIONALLY, she also has a few things unique to her: Namely, she actually comes as two separate models, one for her petite ME1 form, and one for her bimboified ME3 form.

Along with being two separate models, she also has two fittingly separate outfits: the ME1 default armor, and the ME3 default jacket.

Beyond that, she comes with BOTH hair styles, for both models, meaning that the ME1 model can have long hair, and the ME3 can have short hair, and (of course) vice-versa. Her long hair also comes in a few different variant forms, defaulting with the not-always-ideally-behaving jiggly hair, but also coming with more hard-posed hair, with variants for both fitting the outfits and for being fully nude.

And as a final unique note to her, behind the normal/bodywriting skingroups, she also has a Mass-Effect-specific Alliance tramp-stamp skingroup as well, because we all know that Ashley goes about whoring on stations while wearing her military heritage loud and proud on her lower back.

Her outfits, of course, have full exposure variants to them, with the ME1 armor providing a fair amount of "sexy" alternate forms, atleast insofar as plasteel-plate armor can be "sexy". Your mileage may vary.

She comes with full Bodymorph support, including separate outfit pieces to support the breast/butt sliders, and the other sliders as well (which is to say, the pregnant and belly-bulge sliders).

As always, if you are fitting the individual outfit pieces, as opposed to using the bodygroups (which you have to do for the Bodymorph support), then you will have to bake the Procedural Bones to stop the breasts & ass from clipping through the clothes.

I hope you all enjoy, and as always, if you find any bugs or errors, please don't hesitate to let me know about them. I'll try to get around to fixing them as quickly as I can.


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