Dota 2 Maps

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Ahh, the Dotes. You're forgiven if you haven't heard of it - it's only the third biggest thing in gaming right now, right behind the hole that Random Game Console Of The Week has dug itself and the collective egos of Youtube "reviewers". Hah! Take that, people who make way more money than I'll ever see!

Thanks to Forer for helping me out on this one.

You'll need to mount the Dota 2 content in Source Filmmaker for this to work. It's free on Steam, so you needn't have any troubles there.

Current Contents: Default (both old and new), Autumn, Diretide, New Year, Winter, Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2


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Importing SFM Maps into Blender
REDxEYE recently updated his SourceIO plugin. The latest version allows you to import SFM maps.