Sci-Fi Assets: The Definitive Release

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Okay so I want to release all the sci-fi stuff I made for source up until 2014. It's been a year since I've made any substantial changes to the archive, and I think I can say with some certainty that what I have to offer isn't going to change any time soon. The biggest hurdle in this is that I just don't have the time to sort through everything and clean it up, split it off, and make proper thread(s) for all of it. The solution I came up with is a dump of my entire SFM Mod directory - which I had the foresight to keep split off from other projects. That's what I'm offering up for download today.

What do you get if you download this file?

Pretty much every sci-fi themed thing I made. Period. DMX scene files, maps, models, textures, decals, and vmfs, plus some* source files.

For a few pictures of items included, please visit this Blog post

It includes pretty much everything I've released in the past, plus a bunch of stuff I didn't. Think of it as an easter-egg hunt for new content.


You can literally drag and drop this into your sourcefilmmaker/game directory and everything should* work once you fix dependency issues with the gameinfo.txt.

DO NOT DUMP THIS INTO USERMOD - if you overwrite certain files, you could break SFM!

Additional Credits:

Everything that was made in part by someone else has been released previously and you can find proper credits in those release threads - with the following exceptions:

  • You get some stuff I didn't make but I used extensively to make the maps - the pk02 texture set and couple mass effect environment art ports from cire992 and Haxxer (to the two of you, if you don't want this stuff included, just shoot me a line) plus some VTMB props that fury_161 made.
  • The jumpsuit for the female pilot was made for Cloud Odyssey and is being released with permission from Adam Palmer. Technically, the rightsholder for that mesh is Oracle (the company) so I probably wouldn't be able to give the greenlight for making additional mods with it.
  • There's a few models Nirrti and W0rf0x made for the cause a while back for some of the maps.
  • There's some winter clothing and military fatigue uniforms that Bloocobalt helped me out with embedded in here somewhere. Another port is the brown pilot uniform, Wraithcat extracted that from some mech game for me.
  • There's the narration track Nigbone made for my shuttle video and some outtakes in there as well as the open license background music I used for the audio in that video.


Everything in this pack is released as-is and with no compatibility support from my end. Some models/textures may be missing or unneeded - sorry! If it's broken for you, it was broken for me too. You are free to decompile, modify, and reuse any assets I made without prior notice (unless mentioned previously as a mutli-author object) for use in film (including Saxxys), RP, maps, or screenshots.

If you want to pick up where I left off and takes these things to make more, I'm totally open to that. Let me know, I don't mind handing source files over to someone that is both enthusiastic in the idea and capable of executing it. (Meaning manly I don't mind giving you the files you need, not teaching you how to use them)


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Source Filmmaker: Transparancy
Transparency in Source Filmmaker requires more than just having an alpha channel in your diffuse texture.

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