Nude Lightning [Final Fantasy XIII]

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Nude Lightning [Final Fantasy XIII]


This was commissioned by notyourbusinessssfm. You can commission models by clicking here.

The original plan was to get her an outfit, but it caused a lot of complications, and we both decided that for now we should focus on getting her nude and released - clothes can come later, if we (or anyone else) so chooses.

Not to much to mention here, it's a pretty standard port for me:

  • full face-, eye-, finger-, and toe-posing
  • full phoneme extraction / automatic lip-sync support
  • prototype pussy/anus
  • bodygrouped necklace
  • gravity-reactive jiggleboned hair

Only thing really worth mentioning is that her ponytail is not jiggleboned. I elected not to, because its proximity to the shoulder means you would constantly be fighting it in animation. So you have to manually animate her ponytail. It has 6 bones in it, so it should be fairly conducive to posing.

Usual shoulder and hips warning.

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  Lightning-v100.7z  2952016-02-17 22:50:1217.53 MB
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  Lightning_v1-1-0.7z  5582016-05-04 20:54:2820.57 MB
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