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Borderlands: Roland (Models + Prop Pack)

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 Large preview image for Borderlands: Roland (Models + Prop Pack)

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 Large preview image for Borderlands: Roland (Models + Prop Pack)

 Large preview image for Borderlands: Roland (Models + Prop Pack)


This SFM models/props pack includes three versions of Roland (Borderlands 1 & 2, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep), plus Roland's melee weapons (knife from Borderlands, "Excalibur" sword from Assault on Dragon Keep), and his Scorpio Turret.

Borderlands Roland comes with 8 skins... including a totally not-canon Pink Pandoracorn skin, since I loved those skins in Borderlands 2.

The Scorpio Turret has 6 skins: a default, plus one for each elemental damage type.

All of these models feature hi-res textures and dynamic outlines. Borderlands/Borderlands 2 Roland models have a body group for his knife to allow you to toggle it off and on in its sheath on his back. All three Roland models have weapon attachment bones in their hands. The Scorpio turret has a body group for the shield to toggle it off/on.

The Roland models have face bones you can pose, but no face flexes (they don't play nicely with the dynamic outline).

The Scorpio turret model features bone names with movement instructions (e.g. "B_Base_rotate_left_right"), which you can choose to ignore if you like, of course... but if followed, will result in more realistic posing/animation.

The Roland models should work with LowRider's Borderlands rig script.

If you use any of these models, send me a link to the finished project; I'd love to see it!

Do not repost/upload these models elsewhere... certainly do not claim it as your own work. Please ask before porting to a different format.

CREDITS: Gildor for creating the Unreal Engine Model Viewer.

Roland and his Scorpio Turret belong to Gearbox Software.

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Thumbnail image for Borderlands: Roland (Models + Prop Pack)


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