Constraint Helper v1.1

Constraint Helper v1.1


helps create a script for multiple Constraints on one or two models

Important notes

  1. if you Constrain a parent bone to a child bone sfm will crash if you try to select either of them

  2. if you Constrain a target slave pair in reverse again i.e a-->b, then b-->a sfm will crash if you try to select either of them

  3. if you need to use the above Constrains then parent the slave to a different bone and use that to control the Constrain.

  4. if you need to remove the Constrains just right click the animset go to the bottom where it says Constrains then remove Constrains

  5. if you want use this as a puppet script then match all the main bones from both models and have the Constrains be Orientations.the pelvis bones needs two Constrains Orientation and Point.

Constrain types

  1. Aim constraint: makes the slave's rotation follow the target.

  2. Orientation constraint:constrains the orientation of the slaveDag to the orientation of the target.

  3. Parent constraint: makes the slaveDag behave as if it were a child of the target DAG.

  4. Point constraint: constrains the position of the slaveDag to the position of the target.

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