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After lengthy experimentation with the materials and general fixing up the rig, as well as finally learning how to do bodygroups (special thanks to Yaron who taught me), I give you the final version of the incomplete Mechagodzilla 3 model I released on the workshop awhile back.

The model itself isn't from any video game, it's custom made by an MMD user who's name escapes me for the moment. All I did was make it source compatible.

It's so detailed it doesn't even use proper textures, all I literally had to do was slap a vmt of a square of a shade of dark grey, add the cubemaps, and viola, beautiful model.

Some backstory on this model: As par the norm, japan needed a way to defend itself from the Big G, so some scientist thought up a BRILLIANT idea, much like the past generations, to make a mechanical godzilla, BUT, for a twist, they took it a step further. They built the robot around the skeleton of the ORIGINAL Godzilla, thus making this thing a sort of Cyborg Zombie Godzilla. Annd, with a trait influenced by Evangelion, the robot would occasionally lapse into a "beserker" mode when it remembered it's past yeah.

The model itself uses a custom cubemap created by hyperchaotix (which is included in this download), without it, it wouldn't look as fucking good as it does now.

It's arm cannons and battlepack are togglable via bodygroups, each one can be turned on or off for your uses.

It has flexes on each bodygroup to retract it's guns and swordarms, as well as flexes to "open" the missile pods in it's battlepack, and rocket boosters in it's thighs. I'll be adding more previews later, and below is a video link showing the model in action! I animated it myself


Comes in a five different sizes.

If any problems occur, lemme know


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