Kroxigors (Total War: Warhammer 2)

Kroxigors (Total War: Warhammer 2)
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Kroxigors (Total War: Warhammer 2)
Kroxigors (Total War: Warhammer 2)
Kroxigors (Total War: Warhammer 2)
Kroxigors (Total War: Warhammer 2)


Kroxigors smash. And pound. And plow. These absolute units will ruin you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While pretty deadly on their own, they'll use gigantic weapons, too. It can happen that they'll just forget all about them once the battle is over, dropping them at their feet. Clever Skinks will often chain the humungous battle axes and hammers to their scatterbrained owners to avoid these kids of mishaps.

\models\JawSFM\Total War Warhammer 2\Lizardmen\Kroxigor.mdl


  • rig_biped_simple compatible
  • 5 skins, 4 heads, 3 accessory sets
  • eyeposing via bones, added tongue bones
  • .psd file to customize your war paint. Make sure not to fuck up the alpha layer.

0 - Regular (White/Crimson)
1 - Regular Last Defenders Campaign Style (Black/Orange)
2 - Regular No Paint (Gray)
3 - Blessed Spawn (Crimson)
4 - Blessed Spawn No Paint (Gray)


  • Sega/Games Workshop/Creative Assembly
  • Jumbo Poster by FallenNoob
  • Port: JawSFM

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  TWH2_Kroxigors_v1.0.rar  8272019-08-16 19:49:0916.52 MB
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