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I actually released this yesterday on my Tumblr, as an experiment in subtle releases. However, I feel it was a bit too subtle. So this release is far less so.

From the included text file:



  • This is an EXTREMELY early build of Widowbutt.
  • The pussy/anus flexes are absolutely NOT final. They are exported to 300% capacity, meaning that a value of 0.33 is how far they're actually meant to go. I personally recommend you not worry about the pussy/anus, and just treat them as if they were textured - we're all used to clipping cocks through textures, so it's nothing new.
  • She has a nasty seam on the back of her head, and she is currently missing her arm tattoo. Her body texture is also a bit too realistic for her face. I am hoping to resolve all of these with the final build.
  • I have plans to have the final version of Widowbutt be a complete dress-down, from her vanilla outfit down to pussy-and-breasts exposed to fully nude. This isn't a promise.
  • No rigging is final.
  • If you find problems with her, other than the ones noted here, please feel free to email them to me at lordaardvark@outlook.compiling
  • For the record, I still don't like Overwatch, its characters, or its cartoony aesthetic. The entire time I was working on Widowbutt, all I could think of was Tallboys ( http://dishonored.wikia.com/wiki/Tallboys ). I just did this because it felt like the right thing to do.

And then as an addendum, things I feel of particular note:

Ordagon and I are trying to figure out what's going on with the pussy-anus mesh.

When it was originally built, flexing at 100% was about to take Shaotek's Ultimate Male Redux Built model's with a scale 0.118. Now, flexing at 100% is barely about to fit that same mesh scaled to 0.078.

We have some theories as to the cause of this, and we are actively investigating how to resolve this.

Some people are also wondering why I built Widowmaker, because I am very vocal with my dislike of Overwatch. The answer is mostly three parts:

The first part is that I felt that Widowmaker's super exaggerated features (short torso, huge hips, super long arms and legs) would be a great test of the Daz Morphs used to build this model. It was, and the Daz Morphs behaved extraordinarily well. The only sculpting I really had to do was lifting her ass up, because Widowmaker's canon pose is similar to Resident Evil, where the ass is somehow a fair ways higher than the groin.

The second part is that I know people have been wanting a nude Widowmaker, especially after Ellowas teased off his own and made it clear he would never release her. I am very vocal about my opinion of publicly-teased-but-privately-held models, and so I built this in part as a sort of "Well fine, if Ellowas won't give us his nude Widowmaker, then I'll just make one myself!" sort of thing. That being said, I hold no ill will toward Ellowas himself - I may personally find his practice of holding models back so he's the only one that can use them selfish, but he did still release the half-nude Widowmaker, whom I ported some time ago and whose face and tattoos I included. Thankfully, he did release Widowmaker's fully nude textures, and so I was able to grab the tattoos that are visible on his own nude Widowmaker.

And the third part is an entirely selfish and petty reason, and I fully acknowledge it as both: I wanted to release a model that is both in popular demand and isn't using the CBBE body, as a middle-finger to the people who constantly bitch and whine about the CBBE body. :jew:


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