AutoSaver v1.0


This is my version of an auto save for sfm. took about a day and a half to finish.

This script is in beta so report any issues


1) what does this script do?

this script automatically saves the current session

2) How do i access it?

its located in the drop down menu in scripts on the menubar.

3) How do i use it?

select the time interval between each save( ranges 1-10 min) then select how many save files do you want to keep. this will loop the number of files you pick and overwrite the old ones for ex: session_1.dmx session_2.dmx etc..

4)where are the files saved?


5) any thing i should know before i use it?

yes a few things

  1. once you click start you can close the script window and it will keep working, until you close sfm but if you open it again the loop will stop. then you need to click start again

  2. if you use start up option note: that sfm needs to to restart to take change and the script will start one min after sfm started up and the main window gets focused.

  3. depending on your specs , if it takes you longer than a min to load a session and the script doesn't start the loop, then you might need to increase the start delay. how?: go to platform\scripts\sfm\ and usermod\scripts\sfm\ and edit file find the line saveTimer.start(60000) and change the number,(1 min=60,000)

  4. once started the script saves any session used meaning if you open or change to a new session it will keep working and autosave the new current session

  5. the file name for the saved session is from the movie name in the element viewer not the file itself. you could change the name during the loop and the new save file name will be updated where to find: open element viewer --> click the home icon --> expand active clip--> name

  6. when you go to file-->save, it saves it as the last autosave file in the autosave folder, you should do save-as with the original save file instead.

install file here:

workshop\scripts\sfm\mainmenu\Auto saver\

feel free to modify the script for your own use. if you find any bugs or have suggestions message me in the comments below


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