Yuna [Final Fantasy X-2] (v1.01)

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Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 was commissioned by Hypnorekt. She took just over 10 hours to build across the span of two days. If you'd like to consider a model commission, feel free to visit my commissions page. All fees are purely for labor, and are in no way related to the content that labor is spent on.

Let's just get straight to features, known issues, and notes.


  • Full face-, eye-, and finger-posing
  • Full phoneme extraction / lip-sync support
  • Fully jiggleboned breasts and ass
  • Fully jiggleboned hair and ponytail
  • Fully bodygroupable clothes
  • Poseable tassels, pouch, skirt, earring, and hood
  • Pulled-down shirt and torn-shorts "exposed" variants
  • Bodygroupable ponytail, since ponytails that long get in the way easily (and it clips through her hood
  • High-quality poseable pussy & anus mesh (PROTOTYPE)
  • Maintains original face-bones (though I have to warn you, they're pretty bad)
  • HD face repaint, courtesy of 1kmspaint


  • The outfit does NOT have ambient occlusion. This is due to the way the outfit is made being at odds with how Source handles transparency. In a nutshell: Final Fantasy uses planes with transparency for EVERYTHING: the design on the middle of her shirt, the frills of her skirt, and more or less everything else. However, Source Filmmaker cannot display materials with phong, transparency, and ambient-occlusion - it can only display two of the three. HOWEVER, if you turn phong off, then ambient-occlusion will be disabled as well. Meaning that the ONLY way to have ambient-occlusion enabled is to have both ambient-occlusion and phong enabled, meaning transparency must be disabled. That simply isn't an option with Yuna's outfit, and so the ambient-occlusion is disabled.
  • The torn shorts do not allow for clean maximum penetration. This was a compromise.
  • The clothes rigging may be spotty at more extreme angles, especially the shorts.
  • The classic hip-and-shoulders problem of the CBBE body still persists


  • The pussy/anus mesh is a prototype. It only has two basic flexes for opening, and no controller bones. When the pussy/anus mesh is finally finished, this model will be updated with the full poseability.


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  Yuna_v1-00.7z   477 2016-01-31 20:32:29 26.29 MB
  Yuna_v1-01.7z   388 2016-01-31 20:32:29 27.33 MB
  Yuna_v1-02.7z   797 2016-02-12 07:53:37 71.29 MB
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Importing DAZ models into Blender
Using the Diffeomorphic DAZ Importer for Blender.

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