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Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima


Everyone's favorite gaming auteur is here! With two outfits!

  • Suit jacket, t-shirt and jeans
  • "The Man Who Sold The World" motorcycle getup (feat. Kojipro logo)

Featuring 3 flairs of eyewear from the game:

  • JF Rey Hideo Gear
  • JF Rey JF1142
  • JF Rey Kaz Gear

Also featuring:

  • Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle with custom license plate (optional vanilla plate skin)

(cigar not included)

  • FACS compatible face flexes
  • Three different T-shirts
  • Optional bearded face
  • IK rigs

Usage: Unzip to usermod, roll face on keyboard.

Credits to:

  • (Old) Kojima Productions - Vast majority of models and texturework
  • Rockstar Games - Suit jacket from Max Payne 3
  • Valve Software - T-shirt, jeans and shoes from Left 4 Dead 2
  • Kuro/Babbu/Fredrika/Rinfect - materials for leather jacket outfit
  • DrDean - Suit jacket rip from Max Payne 3, materials for such
  • Jojje - Porting from MGSV, general assembly

I sure as fuck hope I didn't miss something. If anything's broken or missing please let me know


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  hideo_kojima.rar  4762017-11-05 18:16:2118.58 MB
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  hideo_kojima_KZjLgSw.rar  3152017-11-05 21:18:4518.56 MB
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  hideo_kojima_7jZFeGJ.rar  3262017-11-07 20:41:1618.52 MB
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  hideo_kojima_jTWHdzv.rar  3602017-11-07 20:45:5818.48 MB
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