Star Wars: The Old Republic - Vaylin

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Ported to XNALara by: TRDaz Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic (Knights of the Fallen Empire)

This is NOT the same as the Vaylin model by Ganonmaster


  • Face posing (this is pretty messed up)

  • Cloth bones

  • Bodygrouped hood

  • Bodygrouped cape

  • Bodygrouped lower cloth

  • Illuminated eyes

  • Ambient occlusion

  • Bodygrouped head

  • Bodygrouped eyes

  • Includes lightsaber

  • Bones to retract the blade

  • Bodygrouped blade

Includes: Nengalore\SW\kotfe_vaylin.mdl Nengalore\SW\kotfe_vaylin_lightsaber.mdl

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