My Little Pony - Anthro Pony Skins for Soria V.3 (Apekatt)

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MLP Skins For Soria V.3 So, v.3 is out, now with 7 more ponies, such as vinyl, lyra, trixie and more! If you dont have the 2 previus packs, you can download them from my profile and MikeyMack's profile. THIS IS JUST SKINS, not models, the soria model can be downloaded from vaako-7's profile. There is a map with the models plased in the pack, but you need all the characters for this to work. You also need to lock them yourself.

How to use this

Mikeymack created quite a nice guide for this, its included in the first mlp skin pack: If you cant be botherd to download that for some reason, i tried to make a little tutorial:

my verson

  1. Download vaako-7's Soria model:
  2. Download The required mlp models and this pack

mlp models


  1. Open a soria model in sfm
  2. rightclick on "head" and add scale to 0 (removes the head)
  3. Right Click the model and click "Add overwrite materials"
  4. Open "materials", then right click on "body" and select "add attribute - string"
  5. where it says "newAttribute", write instead: $basetexture (the model should now be pink and black
  6. do the same with "arms" and "privates"
  7. now, on the right of $basetexture, insert one of thise depending on which pony you are using, insert its name where it says (pony):


  • body: models\characters\soria\body_(pony)
  • arms: models\characters\soria\arms_(pony)
  • privates: models\characters\soria\privates_(pony)
  • Pony names: vinyl, octavia, buttonmom, trixie, bonbon, lyra, cheerilee



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