Wattchewant's Manic (Warframe)

Wattchewant's Manic (Warframe)
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Wattchewant's Manic (Warframe)
Wattchewant's Manic (Warframe)


The maniacal teleporting grineer enemy from Warframe, now ported to SFM.

A link to the original blender model here - http://wattchewant.tumblr.com/post/165526769601/manic-release

  • [By the request of the original modellers and team of people behind releasing this model, we ask for this to not be used in any type of paywall. Whether it’s exclusive, alternatives, or even full resolution content locked behind a paywall. However early access content at the maximum of 2 weeks has been given an okay. It’s still not preferred, but in the end it would get out to the people as long as it’s the same as what patreons would’ve gotten, which is the list of things stated previously. Posting WIPs are completely fine to do though]


  • Jigglebones for pouches, arm tubes, and mask backpack
  • Helper twist bones for the upperarm, forearm, and legs
  • Uses "rig_biped_mets" - https://sfmlab.com/item/1385/


Poster previews by Wattchewant, WHITE-CROW, BossVeteran, and Me (PlanetMojo)

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