Met's Magic Rig


This rig script uses Regular Expressions and the actual skeleton hierarchy to find arm and leg bones to apply the IK constraints to.

  • This means that as long as your bone hierarchy is correct, and your bone names are in english and don't have typos in them, this rig should just work.

  • Doesn't matter how many spine bones there are, it finds them recursively.

  • From what I've heard over the past year, it does work on 99.9% of models, including cats and horses. Therefore this makes the rigs that come with all those models obsolete.

  • In addition, it has a fuckton other regular expression groups for various clothes, weapons, genitals, hair, face parts, wings, tails, and more, which it will try to organize, often in symmetrical groups. See image above.

  • This means it also makes custom DefaultAnimGroups.txt's obsolete. You can delete it and forget about it.

  • It also organizes shape keys, based on their name. Almost everything from the "Unknown" tab will be gone and moved into the organized groups.

  • Removing and re-applying the rig doesn't require you to rename the model.

  • Bake procedural bones will break everything. Bake them at the start, stop relying on SFM physics for your animations.

  • It force-enables rig_footroll, which is a cool slider control that lets you lift the ankle without moving the toes. The rig script will try to apply it to every model, and it will work correctly for some. Depends on the foot bone's roll angle.

  • If the script fails, look at the console. There should be an error message with the failed RegEx. If you know regular expression, you can edit the script to have it match your weird bone name.

That's about it. Use it, it's smart and it works. But if it doesn't work, please don't ask me to add support for a model, just fall back on the rig script provided with said model.


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