Nude Elin 2017

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Nude Elin 2017


Last update probably
Outfits not included
sorry guys

some new features include

  • Oppai Bodygroup
  • poseable toes
  • proper eye posing
  • more jiggle
  • lots of body sliders
  • Eye picker script
  • alternate face makeup skins
  • Hairstyles with jiggle physics and bodygroups (not all of them will have this)
  • Tails physics

theres some lore or something that says elins are over 18 blah blah blah

model and textures are straight from Tera Online, with some personal touchups including
IK rig, facial morphs, and glorious jiggle physics

Huge thanks to Kirbyhi5 for helping me with figuring out the eye posing and creating the lovely eye picker script. wherever ya dissapeared to god bless ;-;7

how to attatch hair

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  Elin_1WCEjFJ.rar  8012016-01-318.59 MB
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  Elin_k48ofvh.rar  3232016-01-3113.15 MB
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  Elin_uOkr2lc.rar  3052016-01-3122.92 MB
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  Elin_MFhK34x.rar  2702016-01-3122.92 MB
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  Elin_6OKj5gL.rar  2762016-01-31205.54 MB
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  Elin_wV9DliD.rar  2532016-01-31210.01 MB
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  Elin_bCXh8QW.rar  2982016-01-31228.76 MB
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  Elin_Xjg6xH9.rar  3712016-01-31228.76 MB
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  Elin_V4.rar  6342017-04-0590.08 MB
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  Elin.rar  2622016-01-313.37 MB
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  Elin_Y1ef2Mq.rar  2462016-01-3113.15 MB
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  Elin_AW77X7o.rar  2852016-01-3120.39 MB
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  Elin_LLsk8GF.rar  2662016-01-3120.39 MB
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  Elin_ThG3Jkj.rar  3492016-01-31208.62 MB
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