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Makoto Nanaya SFM

Zengo has yet to upload a media file


Hey guys. II never posted here before but I am only posting this model to see if anyone here can make improvements on it. I submitted this on the workshop on steam and wanted to see if anyone here can make it look better and maybe make it a 18+ version of it. You don't have to credit me for it since I only submitted it and had permission from the person who helped me convert it from MMD to SFM. I know there is an 18+ model for MMD but I really didn't want to have my friend help make a conversion of a nude model because i wanted to not offend them. anyway if you someone wants to add the features and make it look better and have better bones and stuff go right ahead and do so. I am not making anyone do it I just want to see if it can be made to look better and be 18+ as well. It is a good model but looks too cute and friendly as is and i know it can look better I have no modeling experience myself but I am just wanting to see if it can look better. I hear people who post models here are very skilled and I want to see how skilled people here are. Thanks and have a nice day.

Also sorry for the horrible preview image its the only one i had at the time posting this.

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