Pony Balls

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Pony Balls


"Legend says, that there are six magical ball scattered all over Equestria, and if somepony would gather them all, a mystical dragon would appear that would assist that pony in organization of any task small or huge, after completing their task Pony Balls would scatter again to deferent parts of Equestria so somepony els could use their magic power" Well at least thats what folks say

Just an idea that was bouncing in my skull for some time, and my first props model, I think it came out just fine. Models and textures mostly done by me, maybe not quite what i had in mind but still looks good.

Package contains models of: mlp_ball_of_generosity mlp_ball_of_honesty mlp_ball_of_kindness mlp_ball_of_laughter mlp_ball_of_loyalty mlp_ball_of_magic

Have fun

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