Curvy Outfits Pack 1 - Dominatrix, Casual Sweats, Tramp

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only the outfits! The characters are not included! They are separate downloads, available on SFMLab (except for Moxxi, who is not finished yet).

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One of the original goals of the Curvy Unification Project (CUP), and its Daz successor, DAZv2, was the associated unification of outfits, meaning that an outfit made for any one Curvy lady can work with minimal issues for any other Curvy lady, both made before and after that outfit.

So while this means that the Curvy ladies are able to use each other's outfits, it also means that it is possible to create wholly "generic" outfits, that do not belong to any one character, able to be used by all.

This is the first of such outfit packs. The Dominatrix outfit was made over the span of 3 days, and was teased on my blog a few days ago on Lulu. The sweats and tramp outfits were both made yesterday.

An important note: these outfits do not have Bodymorph capability! I plan to add it at some point in the future, but I suspect it will be a few months before I get around to doing so.

With that being said, here are a few important notes:

  • The Dominatrix and Tramp outfits both use high heels. The outfits are compiled with the feet rotated properly. I recommend you copy the feet rotations from the outfit and apply them to the desired character before attaching the outfit or applying the IK rig. After the IK rig is applied, you may need to grab the rig_knee bones and move them, so that the legs bend correctly. You can easily do this by spawning another copy of the character, loading a rig without any changes to pose, and copying the samples of their rig_knee's over.
  • For the gloves of the Dominatrix outfit, you need to apply Material Overrides to the character and add $alpha as a float to the arms material. The default value of 0 will make the arms disappear, so that the gloves don't clip through the hands.
  • You need to bake the procedural bones on your character for the clothes to fit properly. Until you bake, the butt and breasts will clip through the clothes. I recommend you fully finish your pose / animation before baking procedural bones.
  • You need to move the chest, neck, head, and face bones of the Dominatrix outfit around to properly fit Liara. Unattaching them and scaling the neck might also work. Fiddle with it, see what works best for you.

Special thanks to Ordagon for helping with creating the custom fishnet stockings for the Tramp outfit.

I also plan to fix the baked shadows on the sweat-pants sometime in the next few days. I didn't want to delay this anymore for a relatively minor detail.


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