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*I recommend having the L4D2 content pack installed to ensure no missing textures or models.

Welcome to Mipolla, a small town famous for it's nameless restaurant you are going to bring to life with your SFM skills.

This town contains the titular restaurant which has a lightly propped kitchen, an empty dining area, and an outdoor dining area with awnings and fancy railings. Outside the restaurant there are 3 other buildings there to prop up the surrounding area, plus a road that takes you to a lovely sight around Mipolla, you'll never want to leave this town!

Also includes a Night and Dark version of the map. Night takes place at night, although the inside of the restaurant is illuminated as usual. Dark is completely dark even from the inside.

Know issues: The awning breaks pattern at the right because Valve was a little sloppy with that. The rails doesn't cast shadows, same reason as before.

Includes: sfm_restaurant.bsp sfm_restaurant_dark.bsp sfm_restaurant_night.bsp

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Importing SFM Maps into Blender
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