Samus Aran Bodysuit

Samus Aran Bodysuit


Another day, another beautiful video-game girl.

Quite possibly the most disappointing of my projects of recent months, I unfortunately wasn't able to satisfactorily take off Samus' clothes. Her silly proportions (Bayonette-esque legs and spindly arms) just looked took weird on a nude body.

However, she has what I believe to be some very top-notch faceposing, all of which I had to build entirely by hand!

As with all of these November releases, I intend to eventually release her full source files on my OneDrive. The hope is that someone else will be willing to build a body for her, using the assets (namely, the faceposing) I've already established.

Because she keeps her clothes on, she's not tagged 18+. She does, however, have a bodygroup for her suit that is a curvier adaptation that canon. What can I say? I like women with curves.

Other than that, it's pretty disappointing, feature-wise. Her faceposing and the fact she works at all are the only real features. Ah well.

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  SamusSuit_56KTue4.rar  7922016-01-31 20:32:2725.13 MB
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