King Joe + King Joe Black Custom

King Joe + King Joe Black Custom
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King Joe + King Joe Black Custom


A robot minion of the Pedan Aliens, King Joe was sent to earth with one single mission. Kill. Crush. Exterminate.

However, King Joe would meet opposition in the Ultra Crusader, Ultraseven. However, with Pedanium armor and powerful electrical weapons, King Joe was only stopped by human intervention. The robot would appear many times in the other series.

King Joe Black Custom, is a "enhanced" version, the black armor being reinforced Pedanium and of course, a laser tommygun in place of a right hand.

If you ever need a 60s B-style Robot Monster for an SFM, this would be the model for you.

Like all my models, comes in 4 sizes, for the both of them.

You ask, why not just reskin the first joe model with black's skin and gun? Cuz I'm lazy like that.

Anywho, enjoy.

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