Generic Orc Grunts (WoW)

Generic Orc Grunts (WoW)
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Generic Orc Grunts (WoW)
Generic Orc Grunts (WoW)
Generic Orc Grunts (WoW)
Generic Orc Grunts (WoW)
Generic Orc Grunts (WoW)


Now this one's taken awhile. I made these particular models to serve as generic orc grunts for Warcraft SFM posters and animations.

The models have their original rigging but it's been named over to the tf2 name style for easier rigging.

The faces are entirely posable via face bones.

The grunts come in two sexes, male and female. Both have bodygroupable shoulder and helmet armor, while the female has bodygroupable hair. Each has a different skin to add abit more diveristy to the poses.

Comes with a generic grunt ax and a gun.

The shoulder armor tends to react oddly in lit enviroments and I'm not entirely sure why. Regardless, if there's any issues, lemme know and I'll patch it up.


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