Burning Godzilla

Burning Godzilla
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Burning Godzilla
Burning Godzilla


This is what happens when you overclock a giant radioactive dinosaur.

This model is based on the godzilla suit from the 1995 film "Godzilla vs Destroyah", that portrays the title King of the Monsters in a state described as "A walking volcano".

After absorbing too much radiation, the monster king entered this state due to consuming massive levels of radiation that even he can't handle, and was suffering the monster equivalent of a heart attack.

Throughout the film, Godzilla threatened the earth with both the threat of dying in either a massive nuclear explosion that would ignite the earth's atmosphere and killing all life as we know it, or a meltdown that would sink to the core of the earth and destroy it.

Naturally, humanity managed to overcome that, and Godzilla died via meltdown, reduced to a nuclear puddle of flesh and molten fluid.

However, his title would move on to a new generation of Godzilla.

The model comes in four sizes and is gmod compatible, and has two skins to control the glow maps of his eyes, spines, and the patches of red upon his body.

If you're having checkered spots in gmod for this model, mount tf2 you fucking idiots.

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