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Ultraman Agul

 Large preview image for Ultraman Agul

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 Large preview image for Ultraman Agul

 Large preview image for Ultraman Agul


The Ultraman of the Sea

Companion to Ultraman Gaia, both heroes were representatives of the earth itself, and fought together to protect it from the "Root of Destruction".

The model comes with the standard 4 skins to simulate his color timer going on and off, and a bodygroup for his agul saber.

Lastly it comes in 4 different sizes for your needs.

For those who want this for gmod, I'm no longer porting models to gmod for free, but I am taking commissions to port them if need be.

full details are placed in my patreon page:

for further updates or perhaps you'd just like to follow me on social media

my twitter:

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Thumbnail image for Ultraman Agul


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