N2 - Nier Automata

N2 - Nier Automata
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N2 - Nier Automata
N2 - Nier Automata


A.K.A Red Girl...I think. Haven't actually gotten the chance to play it.

Another Commissioned model, this one was commissioned with hacking in mind so some parts are bodygrouped for that purpose.

-Legs are bodygrouped, which also doubles as everything under the dress.

-Dress/Arms are bodygrouped together, which means combined with the Leg bodygroup it leaves just the head which can be attached onto whichever body without the need for any shrinking.

-Hair/Hairband is bodygrouped in case you want to add different hair/accessory for whatever reason.

XPS Port by <a href="https://xocarbohydrateox.deviantart.com">XoCarbohydrateoX</a>

Edit: I had only just now seen the comment about the Semi-Transparency and someone sends me a fixed version. I mean if someone else is going to foot the work who am I to stop them. Don't let it be said that I didn't know it was because I forgot to put $mostlyopaque in the QC. That said.

Transparency Fix by <a href="darknessringo.tumblr.com">DarknessRingo</a>

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  Nier_Automata_-_N2_fixed.7z  5192017-11-03 13:54:224.28 MB
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  Nier_Automata_-_N2.rar  3692017-11-01 22:16:046.72 MB
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