Aya Brea(DOA5LR)

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Aya Brea(DOA5LR)
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Aya Brea(DOA5LR)
Aya Brea(DOA5LR)
Aya Brea(DOA5LR)


As the name says it's Aya Brea but the adapted onto a DOA5LR model, I don't know specifically which model it's based on but you can find out on the modder's page.

Mod By Faytrobertson(A.K.A SSPD077) Ported by Me.

There was a previous version that had no Eyeposing because I didn't know how at that point, now that I've learned she now has it.

There's a bunch of bodygroups however the model also came with a bunch of guns that I DID NOT port with it so your kinda SOL with that but I'm sure ya'll can manage.

Bodygroups are the clothes and can be matched from 'Topless with Pants and Shoes' to 'Shirt and bare ass' and almost anything in between.

Not gonna mark as incomplete since I don't know how to do flexes and that's likely something I won't pursue. I haven't tested TOO extensively but I believe everything works as it should.(Although there is that Chun-Li Spar model I ported who's mouth had a hole in it and jaw didn't deform right. But I'm sure the mouth opens just fine.)

The hair on this model is the 3rd Birthday hair in all it's low poly glory but the hair is also bodygrouped so you can add a different hair. My suggestion is get the 'Vindictus Pack' or whatever it's called, and use the Vella Girlfight Hair(I think that's the one) it pretty much looks like the 3rd Birthday hair in HD and fits rather well as you can see from the other 2 pictures.

Huge tits are Huge but I assume Fayt(or the requester) wanted Aya with huge knockers since we all know they aren't THAT damn big but I mean, what other alternative is there at the moment? I have the only other Aya Brea model I could find and it's low poly all over and uses Lighting as it's head.

Unfortunately the .blend and XPS files are not included in this one.

Police Preview Pic by Rhedd999

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  Aya_Brea_Updated_PLUS.rar  3602016-12-25 15:39:089.5 MB
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