[OW] Talon NPC Pack

[OW] Talon NPC Pack


Bit of an unorthodox way to package these models, but whatever.

Runs on any Valve 3 spine IK rig; one is included.

Sniper's coat must be spawned separately due to bone limit. Simply drag the base model onto the coat model and zero it.

Heavy Assault has gun attach bones on his hands. Others don't because I tend to just delete most bones that have no weights because I can't import animations, and -> ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just about everything on them is bodygrouped.

The materials on the body are set up for fake-PBR lighting, utilizing the CustomHero shader. The shiny bits will spawn in pretty low intensity, and to brighten them up to match your scene, add more lights. This shader brightens up the more lights there are in the scene (much like true PBR), so add a bunch of shadowless lights to the scene (either with intensity or zero intensity), and you'll notice those shiny bits start to brighten up.

Assassin's blades utilize the Refract shader to color through them properly. This doesn't work on bad computers.

No animations because the 3DS Max OW importer has never worked for me with importing animations, and I don't use Blender, and never will.

Let me know if anything looks broken.

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  TalonNPCs-SFM-V1.7z  4842018-05-01 17:58:0788.55 MB
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  TalonPack1.7z  3102018-05-01 00:44:3452.6 MB
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