Daisy room

Daisy room
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Daisy room
Daisy room
Daisy room


Daisy room

  • Source : Daisy in Summer

Full resolution screenshots

Features & versions

  • 32 switchable bodygroups (everything can be turned off)
  • v1.0 : first release

Usage & credits

  • You can use/mod/redistribute the model whatever you want. At least credit me for my work.
  • Thanks Project H for your games !


  • This map is a model, you won't find it in maps ;)
  • Reported as working fine into gmod with body group tool.
  • If you like it and want to make a donation see here : http://tumblr.nightboy.net/donations

Follow me on Tumblr : http://tumblr.nightboy.net/

My other SFMLab releases : http://sfmlab.com/profile/12810

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  DaisyRoom_by_nightboy_v1.0.zip  29672016-06-09 22:20:4959.0 MB
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