Kasumi 2016 [v3: Ninja, Hot Summer, Schoolgirl, C10]

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This model was commissioned by Darsovin, though I went above and beyond the original commission by a fair margin.

Every piece of the suit is bodygroupable, and she has four suit variants: Full, exposed breasts, exposed pussy/ass, and exposed breasts + breasts/ass.

She comes with five models:

  • Kasumi.mdl - the base model
  • Kasumi_Hair.mdl - the hair, attached as a complex outfit (click for video on how to do this)
  • Kasumi_Mask_Up.mdl - Her mask, pulled up. Complex outfit.
  • Kasumi_Mask_down.mdl - Her mask, pulled down. Complex outfit.
  • Kasumi_Ribbons.mdl - All of the ribbons and tassles. Complex outfit.

Her hair and ribbons are fully gravity-reactive jiggleboned.

Her mask (both pulled up and pulled down) has full facial flexes, to conform to her face. Once you have your faceposing done, copy the samples and paste them onto her mask to transfer the flex settings.

She has helper bones for the rigid pieces of her armor, such as the hip armor plates. She also has bones for her kunai sheaths, katana sheath, and katana. Additionally, she has a handful of twist bones.

She has also been completely rerigged: She has five spine bones, and her hips and butt have been completely rerigged to allow for much more extreme deformation.

She has full faceposing and original face bones. She also comes with full phoneme extraction.

When the new pussy/anus mesh I am working on with Ordagon (the one seen on Lulu) is finally complete, Kasumi will be updated to include it. Until then, she does not have a pussy/anus mesh.

I hope you all enjoy! And if there is a model you'd like to see brought into Source, you should totally look into my commissions page! ;).


With the commissioning of the Hot Summer outfit by XPSHenron, this model has been changed from "Kasumi Ninja" to "Kasumi 2016." This is mostly a semantic change, however, there are a few new things:

The "kasumi_nude" model has no bodygroups, and is intended to be used with all other outfits.

The "kasumi" model is the original Ninja Kasumi model.

That's about it, really.


Nude (Commissioned by Darsovin) Ninja (Commissioned by Darsovin) Hot Summer (Commissioned by xpshenron) Schoolgirl (Commissioned by Darsovin) C10 (Commissioned by Darsovin)



  • Normal-length and pulled-up skirt bodygroups
  • Pulled-up shirt bodygroup
  • Tie and skirt are fully animatable
  • NOTE: If you want to use the tie with the pulled-up shirt, you need to manually move the tie_root bone.


  • Fully bodygrouped outfit
  • Manually reconstructed the under-shirt
  • Exposed variants for both the under-shirt and over-shirt
  • Pulled panties bodygroup
  • Includes a custom hair (different ponytail tie)
  • Fully jiggleboned tassels and ribbon
  • Skirt is fully animatable


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  KasumiNinja_v100.7z   838 2016-01-31 20:32:29 16.66 MB
  KasumiNinja_v1-01.7z   610 2016-01-31 20:32:29 16.66 MB
  Kasumi2016_v1-00.7z   618 2016-01-31 20:32:29 17.67 MB
  Kasumi2016_v3-00.7z   1118 2016-02-22 19:31:33 21.98 MB
  Kasumi2016_v1-02.7z   605 2016-02-12 07:12:55 17.67 MB
  Kasumi2016_v1-01.7z   637 2016-02-04 00:24:18 17.67 MB
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