Animation Group Editor v1.2

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This script is used to help with organizing the animation sets of custom models. right now this script is in beta so report any problems the save and open commands will save and open your custom animation sets


How to use

drag n drop the bone name to animation set you want then when your done click update groups and the changes will be added to ""game\platform\cfg\sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt"" you can also set the color of new animation sets.

this script only supports a 3 layer hierarchy

i.e something similar to this:

group a



---group b



------group c



Important Notes

you cant have the same bone be in more than one set (meaning bone x in group Y for one model cant be different for another model, if they share the same bone name)

  1. the order in which the controls appear might be different then what you have in the script.

this will be fix in a future update. A workaround for the time being.

save the full custom set of the model

use the option remove bones from group file(this removes all the models bones from the sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt file. )

restart the script ,open the saved file, then update groups

  1. group names are not case sensitive

which means you cant have more than one group with the same name even if they have different parents. its not the scripts fault, thats just how sfm is.

  1. how to restore the original group set

if you what to go back to the original set you had before go to "SourceFilmmaker\game\platform\cfg" and delete "sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt" and rename sfm_defaultanimationgroups_original.txt to sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt

Known bugs

  1. dropping a bone item,and sometimes groups, between the top groups will make it undeletable.

to fix after trying to delete it just drag any item in the bone panel and it will work.

workshop page: Here

feel free to modify the script for your own use if you find any bugs or have suggestions message me in the comments below


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