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The monster used by the Pitt Seijin (Alien Pitt) to conquer Earth, Eleking was hidden as a tadpole in the lake near their ship biding his time. When the Pitts were ready, they called forth Eleking, now fully matured, to destroy all opposition.

Dan sent the capsule kaiju Miclas to battle the electric monster, but the buffalo-like beast was overpowered. Even Ultra Garrison was having trouble halting its march.

When Dan got his Ultra Eye back from the Pitts, he headed into battle as Ultraseven, quickly defeating the monster.

Eleking is one of the most popular monsters in the Ultra Series, making numerous appearances. He was even one of Rei's monsters in Ultra Galaxy until Eleking's untimely death at the hands of Grande's Tyrant. He has also received new powers, an EX form, and a chibi form.

Naturally I don't have the Chibi or EX form. Enjoy this one instead.

Comes in 4 sizes, enjoy.

Up next, Ultraman Taro and Tyrant

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