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After seeing a demonstration of the existence of a true omni-directional light on youtube I spent some time messing around and trying to re-create it. After a few hours of trial and error and a heavy dosage of help on the official SFM discussion board I got it working.

Here is the demo video I saw:

Here is my demonstration of it in use:


BIG CAVEAT: It's 6 lights parented to each other. Heavy price in the shadow department.

What this means is that you cannot have more than one group of these with full shadows. You can certainly load up your scene with a bunch, but we're still limited to 9 shadowed lights.

  • In order to use this, just load up the session and then choose a different map and import models as normal.

  • Since these are 6 independent lights it means that any tweaks need to be made individually to the each 6. And you definitely want them to be identical unless you have a very specific reason not to.

  • To create more than one group simply copy the whole group of 6 animation sets and parent the five "non-handle" lights to the one parent and pose that.

To Install simply unzip in your usermod folder.

The session goes in the usermod/sessions folder. It comes with a single material under usermod/materials/Aliassfm/MiscVMT which is the gobo that's used to remove the seams.



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