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Sophitia from soul calibur 4

features: 1.jigglebones for hair,breast and butt(extra jiggly) 2.extensive facial flexes 3.eyeposing 4.supports phongboost to make skin appear wet/sweaty/oily 5.Bodymorphs 6.Bodygroups for every piece of clothing with daz animations (DARP) 8.can attach the curvy girl outfits by LA 9.genital flexes 10.toe/finger posing 11.alternate skin for shirt that makes it transparent with valve 3-spine


1.Due to Sfm's material limit this model comes in 2 parts main body and outfit.

2.before zeroing out the outfit expand the unknown tab,hold ctrl and click to deselect all the skirt bones, if not they will mess up when you zero out


Lordaardvark for his Daz curvy body which sophitia is built on

Thatsfmnoob for helping me with an eyeposing problem

marobrowse for his xnalara port, where her head hair and outfit comes from

DismaySFM and cyth-swag for helping me test the model and find errors.

Contact me at

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