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She was in need of a big refresher, so here goes:


  • Improved the weight painting on many areas, primarily the spine, hips, and face. She's got a lot of MASS still, so there's gonna be some awkward jaggedness in more extreme poses. There's correctional flexes and helper bones included that should help counteract it a little bit.

  • Removed excess bones and flexes and redid all the facial ones.

  • Re-organized the model into three separate parts: the body, the hair, and the outfit(s). The tail pattern is now changed with bodygroups, as is the hair gem for the 1st hairstyle.

NOTE: the outfit model spawns with all bodygroups turned off, since I've found myself only ever needing a few pieces at a time and turning off more stuff than I kept on.

  • For some godforsaken reason the QC eyes wouldn't work this time around, so the eyes are controlled via bones. I suppose the positive tradeoff is that you'll have much more direct control over how and where the eyes are looking. They're also bodygrouped into different colors (4 different ones).

  • Adjusted the face UVs so it's not mirrored on both sides. It's most noticeable in Skin 3 where she's got a splotch of color around her right eye.

  • Reorganized the hell out of the flexes and materials.


  • The model and materials are now placed under the folders "pandaren_female" as opposed to "paopao" in previous versions, so it won't overwrite your previous download if you for some reason want to keep the old model just for the QC eyes.

  • Now compatible with rig_biped_valve_3spine (included).

  • The body and outfit models have an extra skin slot for your own customisation. Just follow the established naming convention with the new VMTs/VTFs and you're good to go. The hair model instead has a white skin that's colorable with $vector3 or $color attributes in the material.

  • Added the in-game underwear in three bodygroups: full undies, the tabard, and just the "belt" portion of the undies that's designed to be combined with the tabard for a bit of "sneaky" nudity. Since it's skin tight it's a little finicky. There's fitting flexes that should help get you some of the way there, but in extreme poses there's gonna be a lot of weird stretching and model overlap.

There's probably something I missed or that needs fixing, please let me know if you find anything.


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  AvalonSFM-Pandaren.rar   1068 2018-11-01 20:07:42 12.78 MB
  Pandaren_Female_v3.rar   873 2019-11-19 18:39:23 17.78 MB
  Pandaren_Female_v3-1.rar   1853 2019-12-02 13:20:33 17.75 MB
  AvalonSFM-Pandaren-V2.rar   612 2018-11-06 01:07:16 14.12 MB
  AvalonSFM-Pandaren-V2_rmwlLf3.rar   513 2018-11-06 13:35:59 14.12 MB
  AvalonSFM-Pandaren-V2_QZ4a4k7.rar   562 2018-11-06 13:36:15 14.12 MB
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Source Filmmaker: Transparancy
Transparency in Source Filmmaker requires more than just having an alpha channel in your diffuse texture.

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