[Overwatch] Reaper (SOLDIER: 24)

[Overwatch] Reaper (SOLDIER: 24)
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[Overwatch] Reaper (SOLDIER: 24)


Before serving on the original Overwatch strike team, Gabriel Reyes was selected to be a member of the government's classified soldier enhancement program.

[OK] Face Pose (TF2 HWM flex) [OK] View-target [RIG] Met's Magic Rig

[Contain] Emote, POTG, VPose animation [Contain] Weapon MDL

"_TEST-DRIVE/Reaper_Soldier_24/Reaper_Soldier_24.mdl" "_TEST-DRIVE/Reaper_Soldier_24/Reaper_Soldier_24-Colth.mdl" "_TEST-DRIVE/Reaper_Soldier_24/Reaper_Soldier_24_GUN_R.mdl" "_TEST-DRIVE/Reaper_Soldier_24/Reaper_Soldier_24_GUN_L.mdl" //joecalzon.deviantart.com

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  reaper_soldier24.zip  3192018-04-14 15:09:2224.61 MB
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