Curvy Elizabeth [BETA 5.2.5c - Field Build]

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Armgloves Textures Hotfix - Click here to download


I removed all of the links, because they were confusing people.

The download you get from the download buttons below is the most up-to-date version of Elizabeth publicly available.

I also cleaned up this info page a bit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Curvy Elizabeth is STILL a BETA! She is NOT complete! I try to make every release as stable as possible, but that does NOT mean flawless! It just means sufficiently useable!

*This model overriding your sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt! If you have a modified one, back it up before you install Curvy Elizabeth Beta 5, or you WILL lose your changes to it!*

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Well, it took 4 months from the release of Curvy Elizabeth Beta 4.5, and 6 and a half months from Beta 4, but Beta 5 is finally here!

And while she was originally teased to just be a few outfits and hairs, oh, she turned into so, so much more… If you happen to follow my blog - - then you probably know that the past two or so weeks has been a frenzy of progress and testing of Curvy Elizabeth Beta 5 for me. Well, I am glad to say, the wait is finally over!

I could continue pontificating, but we all know that you just want to know what changes were made, what features are included, and what bugs to look out for. So let’s get right down to business:


  • Full eye-, face-, finger- and toe-posing
  • Fully jiggleboned breasts, ass, and hair
  • Full phoneme extraction support – note that automatic phoneme extraction isn’t the best in Source Filmmaker, and the phonemes I built probably aren’t the best, but it should at least get your lip-syncing efforts started.
  • Breasts and ass are jiggle-assisted – this means that you, as the animator, can pose and animate them, and give the jiggle engine direction on what you want it to do. Combine the power of the jiggle engine with the control of hand animation – hand-animate core breast and butt motion while the engine takes care of the bouncy details for you!
  • Hair is gravity-reactive – this means that no matter how you orient the hair (or the head it’s attached to!), the hair will always point down (to a limit). This is a double-edged sword, though, because sometimes you don’t want the hair pointing down (such as a pose lying down, where the hair clips right through the surface). Luckily…
  • Hair is jiggle-assisted, too!
  • All new rigging from Beta 4.5:
  • o The arms and knees now clip into themselves, rather than cave in
  • o The position of the elbow bones has been adjusted to better reflect where the elbows actually are on the model. This translates to better overall posing of the arms.
  • o The legs have been completely adjusted. Based on the Resident Evil proportions, her legs now have proportions similar to many fashion supermodels – her thighs have been shortened, and her calves heightened. This gives her an overall more petite-feeling frame, while maintaining her height.
  • o Toes are now fully rigged (hence the toe-posing listed above)
  • o Breasts now have four unique bones each: Breast, Breast01, Nipple, and Nipple01. Each bone gives increasingly fine control over the shape and motion of her breasts.
  • The entire Curvy Elizabeth scheme has been unified. This means that there is only one* “Curvy Elizabeth” model. In previous versions, each outfit had its own copy of Elizabeth. This is no longer the case, because…
  • Outfits and hairs are now entirely modular. You spawn the outfits as separate props, and then just snap them onto Elizabeth – or anyone else, if you want to try and make it fit! This gives extreme control, allow you to pick and choose exactly what elements you want from what outfits you want. Yes! That means you can mix and match outfits! As a result of this…
  • Elizabeth now has a set of internal flexes. These flexes, as the name suggests, should only be used to solve clipping issues. Every major outfit – such as her corset – has associated internal flexes – such as narrowing her tummy – to let the outfit fit cleanly.
  • Completely new textures from the previous releases, courtesy of the amazing and ineffable StealthClobber – now matches her original in-game face/body textures, resulting in much brighter and more colorful textures. Major seam fixes were a focus, as well as overhauling the overall shoddy texture-work from my own texturing endeavors. She has never looked better!
  • Four basic skingroups: Burial at Sea, Classic, Tramp, and Punk
  • Each skingroup has four variants: normal, runny makeup, bloodshot eyes, and gagged / deepthroated
  • Elizabeth comes with seven hairs – Bobcut / Corset, Student, Burial at Sea, E3 Beta, Young, Old, and Gibson Girl
  • She also comes with a whopping ten outfit sets, with more variants than I will list here! If you keep reading, though, I’ll list them in more detail than you probably ever wanted!
  • Extensive twist system! You’ve probably seen wrist twist bones and shoulder twist bones, yeah? Well, to them I saw phaw! In addition to those twist bones, you can also directly twist the upperarms, forearms, thighs, and calves – without compromising the IK rig! Tired of SFM deciding the hand is too close to the face, and the forearm decides to flip on you? Give SFM the middle finger right back, and just twist the forearm back around so it’s right again! With these twist bones, you have amazing control over your poses. While they don’t solve all problems, the range they give you is far greater than anything you’d get with a more vanilla model setup.
  • Brand new IK rig – built on the upgraded 4.5 rig, everything is sorted right where you need it. You will never need to open the Unknown tab again. Want to attach something to her hands or feet? I’ve got you covered – just check the “Attach Point” group in her arms/legs. Want to hand-pose some tits and ass? Look no farther than the “Breasts” and “Butt” groups under RigBody! How about play with those pesky twists? I’ve got groups those, too!
  • All of her flexes have been sorted into groups as well. This requires overriding your sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt! If you have a modified one, back it up before you install Curvy Elizabeth Beta 5, or you WILL lose your changes to it! You know what I said about never needing to open the Unknown tab? I meant it!
  • Elizabeth’s internal flexes are also sorted into groups, in the “Internal Flexes” group under RigBody. No, really, I meant it when I said you’ll never need to open the Unknown tab again…
  • Supportive flexes! Her face flexes aren’t meant to be used by themselves, but are meant to be blended together with other flexes to create more unique flexes. Is a flex not looking right to you? Try blending it with other flexes! Narrow and widen are particularly useful, and I have both large and small variations for a reason, too!
  • *I lied about there being just one Elizabeth model. There are actually three right now – the base Elizabeth, the futanari Elizabeth, and the Vault Suit Elizabeth. The latter two are because their modifications to her body are too extensive to be simple outfits.
  • Simple/complex dress paradigm.
  • o Simple dresses are bodygrouped onto their outfit (such that the Corset dresses are on the Corset outfit, etc), and are as the name suggests: simple. They have no dress bones, and are simply rigged to her legs. This means two things: firstly, that the dresses tend to clip easily and there is nothing you can do to fix it. But secondly, if you just need a quick and dirty pose with a dress, it’s literally just snap-and-pose! No pesky dress bones!
  • o Complex dresses are the counterpart. Each complex dress is its own model, with the exception of corset – all of the corset dresses are on the single corset dress model. This is because the Burial at Sea and Student dresses have flexes to facilitate animating sliding the dress off! Additionally, each dress has around 100 bones in it, to maximize both the control you have over the dress and how much hair you pull out trying to animate it. It’s really great when it doesn’t make you want to curbstomp puppies!
  • Futanari version of Elizabeth has flexes to change the shape of her cock!
  • Probably even more than I mentioned here! It’s 3AM and I’ve been putting this together for 6 hours now. I’m tired and can barely remember my own name, let alone all of these little nuances… Onto things I can look up when I list them!


  • Burial At Sea:
  • o Shirt: full, bursting, open, exposed
  • o Dress (simple): full, knee length, thigh length, does-it-even-qualify-as-a-skirt-if-it-doesn’t-even-cover-her-pussy? (DIEQAASIIDECHP? length)
  • Bikini:
  • o Top: Multicolored, red and gold, fluffy boxes, boulder holders, black leather boxes, microbikini
  • o Bottom: Booty shorts, booty shorts without panties (risqué), red and gold, traditional, even more traditional g-string
  • Bunny Outfit:
  • o Top
  • o Belly straps
  • o Collar
  • o Cuffs
  • o Bunny ears
  • o Bunny tail
  • o Shorts: full, pussy access, butt access, double access
  • Corset Outfit:
  • o Top: Full, pulled-down / exposed
  • o Jacket
  • o Boots
  • o Dress (simple): Full, knee-length, thigh-length, less-than-thigh length, DIEQAASIIDECHP? Length
  • o SKINGROUPS: Classic, E3 beta, Gibson Girl (credit goes to Ananina23 at DeviantArt for this one ; )
  • Fetish outfit:
  • o Top: Risqué latex, bare-breast leotard, latex coat, crossed chains, leather miniskirt, latex minidress
  • o Head: Hood, cowl (don’t use hairs with these)
  • o Lower: High g-string, schoolgirl skirt
  • o Legs: Latex thigh-high heel-boots
  • Lingerie:
  • o Top: Bra, frilly bra, split bra, one-piece
  • o Bottom: panties, skirt
  • o Belly straps
  • o Panty gems
  • o Split-bra gems
  • Miscellaneous (to be used with any other outfit):
  • o Legs: Garters, stockings / leggings
  • o Collar: Blank, Bird, Cage, leather collar
  • o Feet: High-heel boots, high heels, high heels with bowties
  • o Strapon
  • o SKINGROUPS: Red-and-white high heels, black-and-gold high heels
  • Student:
  • o Top: Full, bursting, cleavage, open, exposed
  • o Dress (simple): Full, knee-length, thigh-length, DIEQAASIIDECHP? Length
  • o Boots
  • o Scarf
  • Tramp:
  • o Top: low-cut shirt
  • o Bottom: full shorts, cut shorts, torn shorts, unbuckled shorts, unzipped shorts
  • Vault Suit (not technically an outfit):
  • o Top: full, cleavage, open, exposed, open onepiece, exposed onepiece
  • o Bottom: full, pussy access (cut), pussy access (torn), butt access (cut), butt access (torn), assless chaps (cut), assless chaps (torn), double access (cut), double access (torn), open onepiece, exposed onepiece
  • o Pipboy
  • o Boots
  • o Belt


  • The shirts do not entirely match breast motion. This is because I added the nipple bones, but did not update the rigging on the shirts. The nipples changed the weighting of the breasts enough that the shirts no long adhere to them.
  • Occasional clipping through internal flexes. The internal flexes can only do so much. I honestly don’t expect this one getting fixed. It’s just a consequence of how Elizabeth is unified.
  • Dress tearing. The rigging on the simple dresses is intentionally simple, and so tearing is going to happen on them. As to the complex dresses, their rigging is very rough-hewn. I probably won’t touch up the rigging myself, but hopefully someone else would be kind enough to do so. Most tearing can be solved by adjusting the dress bones properly.
  • Distorting shoulders. The original Skyrim body had horribly rigged shoulders. I have cleaned it up, but it’s still not perfect. Note that this is partly a limitation of how armature-based models (models using bones) behave, partly a Source-specific problem, and mostly my own incompetence at rigging shoulders. You can minimize this with twist bones.
  • Distorting hips. See shoulders.
  • Distorting ass. See hips.
  • Lingerie models are poorly fitted and/or rigged! The lingerie outfits were largely ignored in favor of the more major outfits. I will come back to the lingerie and clean them up eventually.
  • Clothes clip. This is related to the internal flexes. I will see what I can do to clean it up, but don’t expect much.
  • The futa model is horrible! Clothes don’t fit to it right, and the rigging is bad! Yeah… I almost removed the futa model from this release entirely, but it’s “useable.”
  • Probably a lot of things I’ve missed. It’s 3:30AM now. I’m really tired…
  • The clothes don’t move with the jigglebones! You need to bake Elizabeth’s jiggebones. Note that once they are baked, they will not generate new motion, so make sure your animation is complete first.
  • Baking the jigglebones removes all jiggle! This is a common issue with Source Filmmaker. Try restarting SFM completely. Also turn off all lights, and be in the Clip Editor when you bake jigglebones. The higher your framerate, the better the chances the bake will work correctly.
  • This overwrote my custom grouping! Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to grab flexes in Python, and so overwriting sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt was the only solution. I warned you!
  • Probably more I forgot!



  • They were removed from this initial release. Samus Elizabeth still has to undergo the skeleton changes, and Young Liz just gave me a lot of stress and I decided to add her on my own time.


  • Curvy Elizabeth Beta 6! Which will have all of the content of Beta 5 – but BODYMORPH! So you can take any of these outfits, and scale them down to a more canon Elizabeth. Or you can scale her up and have her tit-fight with Vaako’s Soria.


  • I’M SORRY!


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